Tuesday, January 29, 2013

5 months

Two days ago marked 5 months since Dana Marie Woods was murdered. The family is still awaiting any information on trial dates for these monsters. 

I have been quiet the last few months, as we have had some other pressing family issues to take care of, and we are still trying to deal with the loss of a life that should never have been taken. 

I am still receiving comments on the blog, so I know that people are reading what is being posted, which I'm more than happy about and I want to thank all of my readers for sticking with me as we go through this.  

I do want to share a small bit of information with you, it appears that TruTV caught wind of Hoffman, and decided to interview her. The article also included a link to this blog *woot*, however, in the article there is a bit of misinformation. The following is taken from the article

At one point, Chelsea lashed out and said something that’s sure to follow her around the internet forever: “So I heard your daughter liked taking loads to the face.” That one, Chelsea wants to clarify, was not addressed at Dana, even if that’s what the blog would have you believe. 

I do want to clarify, that I NEVER insinuated that those words were directed towards Dana, and you can go back and look at the blog post which contains that information, and verify it for yourself. 

I specifically stated:

The following posts were made to Diane while standing up for the Hill/Wood's family.

In no way were fingers being pointed at Hoffman that she said those words about Dana, but instead to a friend of the family of Dana.

While I am not actively pursuing Hoffman at this time, I do have eyes in the sky, so I am aware of  anything that is said about Dana. 

Hope this post finds you all well! :)