Friday, October 5, 2012

Attacking Another Victim's Family

This time, Chelsea Hoffman has attacked a man, Paul Pattison, who was accidentally run over by his own car, just a few days ago, while trying to make some repairs to it. You can find the story HERE

The reason for this attack, is because a woman (we will call her Diane to protect her privacy), a relative of Paul, and a friend of the Woods' family, stood up to Hoffman while Hoffman was; and has continued, to make attacks on the Hill/Woods' families. 

Here is what Hoffman wrote concerning the family of Diane: 

As you can clearly see, Hoffman states that it is "dumbass shit" and "idiotic" that this man was run over by his own vehicle. The car Paul was driving stalled in the middle of a very busy road, while his 3 young boys were in the car. When Paul exited the car to move it out of the way and to repair it, he apparently forgot to put the car in park. One of Paul’s children climbed into the driver’s seat and put the car into park when he noticed something was wrong.

Paul is in critical condition, has endured multiple surgeries, and still has a long way to recovery. Don’t you think the family has enough to deal with? Shouldn’t the emphasis of this story be on the fact that this man survived this tragic accident? Shouldn’t we be telling the world that this man’s son is a hero? Why does Hoffman feel the need to call people names?

Not only has Hoffman attacked Diane in the recent past for sticking up for the Hill/Woods' family, Hoffman is now attacking Diane's family as well. 

The following posts were made to Diane while standing up for the Hill/Wood's family.

Now Diane needs some standing up of her own, and the Hill/Woods' family WILL be there to back her up every step of the way!!

In her "article", Hoffman questions whether Pattison was drunk or under the influence. A portion of that "article" is posted below. 

What an awful thing to say about someone you don't know! I don't see what having money to get the vehicle fixed has to do with anything either. The man's car stalled in the middle of the road, you do what you have to do, especially with children in the car! My BRAND NEW car has stalled out before, let alone a used car or older car. I'm sure if Pattison thought the car was a danger to his children, he wouldn't have allowed them in the vehicle. 

On Hoffman's Facebook page, she refers to Pattison as an "idiot" who managed to run himself over, and a "fucktard". Somehow, with that language, I highly doubt that she sympathizes with the family and the children involved in this horrendous ordeal, which because of Hoffman, has now gotten worse!



  1. My brother is not an idiot, a fucktard, under the influence or anything else negative this parasite has spewed about him. He simply made a mistake. I can't name one person who has not made a mistake on a daily basis. No, he did not have the money to fix it or it obviously would have been done. One of his children broke the ignition a couple of weeks ago and this was the only way to get the vehicle started until it could be repaired. This parasite sympathized with the family???? Get real! For anyone who has read any of her trash, I think you can tell she has no sympathy for anyone at all. This was just a mistake. How would she feel if something tragic happened to her, one of her children or a family member?? And, to make matters worse, had someone drag her or her family through the mud and ridicule, name call and have nothing but negative to say to her or them? Nothing but a parasite feeding off of other peoples tragedies. Very sad! Get a real job!

  2. She was also completely insensitive and accusatory with regard to the Deanna Ballman case. Chelsea Hoffman is someone who wants to be somebody, so she embellishes her credentials.

    1. I totally agree! Deanna Ballman was my little cousin and Chelsea Hoffman made her out to be a junkie. Bet she feels like a real ass now that the Dr. Is being charged with corrupting another person with drugs. Stupid, uneducated, eves droppin, wanna-be-writer

  3. I just recently discovered Chelsea Hoffman. She continually writes hateful and derogatory articles about Amanda Knox and Raffaele Sollecito. The truth about their case if finally coming out after years of being treated like garbage in the media and especially the tabloids. The evidence about their innocence is finally being heard. Yet there are still hateful and untruthful people like Chelsea who seem to relish in continuing the spreading of lies. Just recently Chelsea took an innocent visit by Raffaele and Amanda where they met in public in broad daylight with Amanda's mom chaperoning them the entire time. Chelsea turned their innocent meeting into some sick twisted sexual escapade. She also twisted some recent words by Raffaele who was trying to explain how innocent their sex lives had been during their one week romance back in 2007. Again, Chelsea twisted his innocent words into some crazed sexual deviancy that she tried to use to throw out old lies that have already by debunked years ago. How sad that she seems to relish in the suffering of others.

  4. Chelsea Hoffman is an insecure piece of shit. she projects her hate for herself on others considering she's stupid, and most likely under the influence. she probably lives in a trailer park and is a meth baby. she needs to just disappear because she is trash. she said Someone should look into the tapeworm diet yet she's fat!!! she needs to open her eyes. karma will get the ignorant bitch.

  5. OK this woman needs to be ended, ASAP. And I mean her "career" as a so-called "criminal profiler" and "analyst," not her personally.

    It's time to hit her where it really hurts -- the professionals who, for some reason, associate with her. A great place to start is the criminologist who Hoffman used for her poor excuse for a "book" on Hannah Anderson. Another: The crappy local TV news outlets that ran stories on her awful book.

    A woman who takes delight in mocking crime victims and floating ridiculous, unsupported rumors has NO PLACE posing as a journalist or a so-called "criminal profiler," and if any professional media outlets give her attention, they need to be held accountable.

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  8. Chelsea Hoffman did grow up with a pos criminal father. Anyone that knows anything about psychology can see she is damaged. I have no pity for her. Maybe when she stops hurting others with her pathetic writing and actually makes a contribution to the world I will give her the common decency and respect almost everyone deserves... Until then she's just a pos that's no better than the people that commit the crimes she exploits. She's pathetic and she knows it. She claims it was her decision to follow the route she chose instead of law enforcement & profiling... Sure Chelsea!!! I bet the FBI was so let down when your uneducated fat ugly self chose to be a bitch hack writer instead of using your "skills" as a ??? Whatever the hell you're calling yourself today? If it's not fat nasty ugly and stupid then you're lying again. That's nothing new.