Saturday, October 6, 2012

Now Moderating Comments

Sorry everyone, I've received some comments that were not so nice, so I have decided to start monitoring the comments on the blog. If your comment is constructive, does not call ANYONE names, and is not hateful, threatening, violent, or downright awful, it will be posted. 

I realize that there is a lot of emotion flying around, and it's because of that emotion, that I don't want us to stoop to a level of calling ANYONE names, making threats, being hateful, violent, or just plain mean. 

I'm sure most of you will understand and agree with this decision. I'm sorry for anyone who doesn't agree, it's the way it has to be if we are to protect our rights of free speech.

If you choose to make a comment, please keep the following in mind: Do unto others, as you would have them do unto you.

Thank you!


  1. Yes ma'am. I was just pissed off by the things she has done to Dana's family and now mine.

    1. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  2. She definitely causes people to react ! I have posted things in the last couple of weeks that I would not say about a stray dog. It only makes good people (us) feel bad when we do that though. it's not the answer, I realize that. Sharing her statements, as this website is doing, is far more productive than calling her out on anything to her face because you can not make people FEEL. Most people are not like her. Most people see her for what she is. I have stopped looking at anything she posts because it is all garbage and is just putting money in her filthy pocket every time one of her stories is viewed. Gather will wise up when they get bombarded with lawsuits along with "her". I hope that day is very soon. I am so sorry that she has, and continues to, cause so much pain to so many.

  3. Chelsea Hoffman is profoundly ignorant and exceedingly nasty. She is clearly very unbalanced and in need of psychiatric help. She doesn't seem to even realise why and how so much of what she does contitutes basic and obvious cruelty. But she won't get far because she can't write and she has no analytical ability, despite calling herself a 'crime analyst'. She simply writes whatever she thinks will get a reaction, and while some equally repulsive and ignorant people might react positively, she will never make any significant difference to the world, because no one outside of 'cyberspace' will ever notice her, or request that she 'write' about, or 'analyse' a damn thing!

  4. Good luck on taking that slimebag down. ;)