Friday, September 28, 2012

How Chelsea Hoffman Hurts People

An 18 year old girl by the name of Dana Marie Woods was murdered a month ago in South Carolina. Dana was a college student, studying in the hopes of one day becoming a paralegal. She was home-schooled, and graduated with dual credits, and was able to start college when she was 15. She was a good girl. Always looking to help someone who was in need. Always talking as though everyone she met was her friend. It was because of her personality, that she was taken from the place too soon. 

Dana was reported as a missing person in the early morning of August 27, 2012. She had been doing a favor for her mother and for her aunt the previous evening. She was not out running the streets or up to no good. As SOON as the family realized that Dana had done something out of character in not returning home, they immediately began looking for her. 

The family did everything right. They immediately contacted police and began searching for Dana and her friend June, who was with her at the time of her disappearance. At the time, police could not officially report Dana or June as missing persons, but instead were reported as "be on the look out" or BOLO. It was not until meeting with the police later that day, that the girls were officially deemed as missing persons. 

Why do I know all of this? Well, because I was there. I have first hand knowledge of everything that "went down" between the time Dana was running errands for her mother, and the time she was laid to rest. 

Who WASN'T there? Chelsea Hoffman. 

The following "story" happened between September 26 and September 27, 2012. 

Chelsea was approached by a family member of Dana, and was asked to remove the articles that she had published, because they contained insensitive and incorrect information. It was after Chelsea refused to remove the articles, and began "bashing" the family and friends of Dana, that $hit hit the fan. I married into the family of Dana, my life has been threatened (in a nice, loving way), that by marrying into this family, I would not hurt any of them. I now know why. You do not mess with this family, it will come back to haunt you. Little did I know, that I would be doing some of my own "haunting" one day; i.e. this blog. 

Here is the "response" from Chelsea, when asked to remove her articles. Please be advised, that this photo contains explicit language, so please do not read it if you might find yourself offended by it. I am choosing not to censor anything on this blog, because I want everyone to see the "true" Chelsea Hoffman. 

The "whiny jackass" Chelsea is referring to, is the sister of Dana. Nice, huh? And while we DO respect Chelsea's right to "free speech", she first needs to make sure that her information is correct and that she isn't pointing fingers at anyone. 

When the family and friends of Dana started commenting in response to the above photo, that post was deleted, and this was her response:

She was right, we were banned for our "trollish behavior". Almost every last one of us. We can though, still see her posts, so she cannot protect herself from that, unless of course she shuts down her page. There's a thought!

When it was brought to Chelsea's attention that there were facts in her articles that were incorrect, here was her response: (I know it's a little blurry, sorry)

So even though Chelsea stated "there are no factual errors in the article that warrants editing", she goes on the say "there is an instance of me saying the car was burning when Dana Wood's body was discovered when it wasn't burning anymore".  Sounds to me like she just admitted that there were factual errors. She goes on to state that "it's time to just move on", and while Chelsea may feel that it is time for us to move on, we are still grieving and still hurt by the insensitivity that she has shown for our loss. She again goes on to say, that it's pretty much not worth her time to change it. A REAL blogger, reporter, journalist, someone who had a heart, would be willing to do, since it only takes a few seconds of her precious time to do. 

At one point, Chelsea said herself, to provide her with anything that wasn't factual. We did. Why can't you see it? Well, because as soon as it was posted, it was immediately deleted from her page. The information contained in the following photo was posted to Chelsea at LEAST 3 times before being deleted. Fortunately for all of you reading this, someone had a screenshot of what was given to her before it was deleted! :)

On Chelsea's Twitter account, she posted this:

While at the moment, the tweet is still up, the link to the Facebook comment regarding it, has been deleted by her. Covering something up Chelsea?

I won't deny it, Chelsea was called some pretty ugly names in this whole process by friends and family. I am not trying to cover that up. I am though, simply trying to expose the truth behind Chelsea, and her heartless actions and comments towards a simple request for a correction of information and/or to take the articles down from a family who is grieving.

Chelsea has called our family and friends trailer trash, whiny jackasses, and even told one friend of the family, that her daughter "liked taking loads to the face :P" This comment as well as the one following it, were both deleted by Chelsea.

Along with the "load" comment, she posted the following:

She then uploaded the following photo to her Facebook account (this photo has since been taken down by Chelsea). You can see from the photo, that the insult  was not taken lightly, as seen by the comment. 

So this is our story, right now, as it stands. I'm sure there will be more, which is why the blog is now here. I'm very interested in hearing anyone else's stories as well. Email me at the link in my profile to share your story, let's get it out there how awful this woman is, as if we don't already know. Let's help each other to keep her from posting heinous information about the friends and family of our deceased loved ones. 

My questions to Chelsea: Why, if you're going to say and post the things that you do, do you not keep them up? What are you afraid of? Why can you dish it out, but not take it? What are you hiding? If you're such an "extremely blunt and say exactly what's on my mind without wearing "kid gloves" to do it" kind of person, why take down everything that you posted? If you believe so strongly and appreciate your first amendment rights and believe in anti-censorship, then why do you keep deleting and blocking posts? Feel free to email me the responses to these questions. 


  1. Well i am the sister of dana. My name is Katie.. i was polite to Chelsea the whole time. Im shocked by what she had to say to me. I cant believe how more wrong she could have been. I love my sister and i believe she would have wanted her big sister to stand up for her. I thank everyone that has stood up for me, dana and my family. It means so much.

    1. Katie, our sympathy is with you. We are doing everything that we can do to make sure that she no longer hurts your family, or the family of anyone else. Stay strong, we will get there!

  2. My heart breaks for your family Katie. I am disgusted that this Chelsea chick is allowed to continue posting what she does. Freedom of speech fine, but she has crossed the line. Katie, I hope you and your family find peace soon.

  3. I though there were laws to protect victims and families from this kind of slander? If there aren't, there should be.

    I'm so sorry to hear about what your family is going through. I pray that this woman someday realizes just how wrong she is and how much added pain she's caused families.

    May God be with you.

    1. Thank you Mary. We are not only doing this for Katie's family, but for the other families who have been victim of Chelsea's libel as well. It is time she stop being allowed to cause pain to these families; they have already gone through enough pain.

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  5. Katie, lots of people got ur back hun!!! Don't pay no mind to this parasite.
    : ) Ashley's mom

  6. My Friend tyler campbell went missing two days ago and she made some post about it. Im 15 so I was highly upset about it. I commented asking her to take it down because it had im just gonna say it... SOME DUMB SHIT on it. She turned it into something about him being bad. She doesnt know what shes talking about! she told me i was rude and refused to take it down...

  7. What a horrible person!!! God bless every person this witch has hurt..