Friday, September 28, 2012

Who IS Chelsea Hoffman?

Chelsea Hoffman is a self proclaimed "crime analyst and profiler". 

crime analysts job is to "study previous crimes and criminals, looking for patterns". The second part of the job involves using "data developed during the studies to predict future crimes". A third part of the job is "to communicate the findings of the studies in a way that makes the information useful".

"Criminal profiling is the act of developing a psychological profile of an offender based on the state of the crime scene. Profiling is often done by a forensic psychologist -- someone who has studied the criminal mind".

That being said, Chelsea Hoffman is NEITHER a crime analyst, or a criminal profiler.

Why is Chelsea Hoffman not a crime analyst?

According to The International Association of Crime Analysts, an applicant for certification "must have 3 full-time years of analytical experience. This may include internships and volunteer work, and time can be combined and/or prorated".

Chelsea Hoffman is currently attending Ashworth University and is working on an online Bachelor's degree in Criminal Justice. 

Why does this matter? Because in order to be a crime analyst, you must, according to The International Association of Crime Analysts, have 1) education or 2) volunteer work/internships. According to Chelsea's own website, where she lays out her "Bragging Rights", she has assisted in the "Satara Stratton (Silver) disappearance", and the "Christine Lindsey Walters disappearance".

Looks to me that she lacks both the education AND experience needed in order to call herself a Crime Analyst.

Why is Chelsea Hoffman not a criminal profiler?

Well for starters, we know that Chelsea lacks the education required to call herself a criminal profiler. We can conclude, since she has not finished her degree, that she has not studied the "criminal mind". 

So what DOES Chelsea do?

Chelsea loves to put her own "spin" on things.  She likes to stick her own thoughts and opinions into the articles that she creates. I'm not going to say that she writes, because if she did, she would have a shred of decency in what came out of her brain. For most of you who have read anything by Chelsea, you know exactly what I'm talking about. 

So back to my question as to what Chelsea REALLY does. She states that she is not a journalist or a reporter, and I agree with that. Journalists and reporters have a certain set of standards to uphold.  

Chelsea seems to have no standards at all. She defames the families of our deceased love ones and spreads lies and rumors. She does not look for patterns, predict future crimes, or make any of her information useful; all required to call oneself a crime analyst. 

I'm not sure WHAT to classify Chelsea as, other than an extremely mean-spirited individual, who cares about nothing but herself. She certainly could care less about the families that she writes about, because if she did, she would hold herself to a certain standard, refrain from spreading lies, and not defame the families involved in her "works". 

I invite every one of you to write me at the email provided on my profile, if you have been personally affected by the "works" of Chelsea Hoffman. I will be happy to publish the information you provide (anonymously if preferred) in which to gather a case together, and bring Chelsea Hoffman down together!


  1. She is a horrible person that has no clue as to what empathy means. She debates until she has no argument, then she begins the personal, bully like bashing. When confronted with something that she never thought anyone would find out about, she took my pic from fb and tried to intimidate me saying that there was an ad on the internet stating that I had sex with K-9's, was selling my body for prostitution, etc... my two uncles are lawyers and are gathering information on this sloth like creature for a multi-suit. They have tons of information so far and are gathering more daily. It is quite a shame that a human being is so cruel, while hiding behind freedom of speech and "advocate for victims". That is laughable. Chelsea Hoffman has obvious mental issues. She is an advocate for her evil self. Good luck in your suit against her. You have thousands of normal people (republican, democratic, atheists, and Christians) that are coming together on this sick chick.
    If stupidity was painful....she would need a morphine pump....

  2. Yes! I am so glad someone else shares these views! I got in an argument with her in the comments section of her post, and all she did was personally attack me. She is also extremely ignorant but loves to brag about her "qualifications."

    Thank you for making this page. I am 100% behind you.

  3. Oh, yeah!!! She set up a man for child molestation because he threatened to sue her because she owed him rent money! She is for sure a psychopath! She sent me an email five years ago where she admitted this man is guilty and admitted she poisoned my dog; she said she enjoyed killing the dog! She shows no remorse or guilt and that is why I say she is a psychopath. She claims to be a profiler for two companies in Las Vegas; those companies don't exist! She also sent me emails threatening my life and another one wherein she claimed that she stood at my front door apparently stalking me! I am so happy that the above poster is taking legal action. She IS evil and deserves everything she has coming! I am so glad this blog exists!!!

    If above poster wishes to contact me, post here again and I will post my email address, Chelsea already has THAT...

  4. Her real mission in life is to destroy as many lives as possible, just so she can feel equal in her twisted way. Blames people for her bad decisions as witnessed in this document from Public Access to Court Information, from the Winslow, Arizona Justice Court; Case Number J-0902-IA-20030313, Judge Alison Kolomitz, Filing Date; 07/14/2003,Case Category; CRIMINAL, Party name; Chelsea Hoffman-Freeman, Party Type; D 1- DEFENDANT/RESPONDENT, DATE OF BIRTH; 11/25/1983.

    Thank God for PUBLIC ACCESS TO COURT INFORMATION. Now who doesn't look so perfect now?

  5. Chelsea master "minded" a set up on a man that she owed money to... she had her younger girlfriend falsely accuse this man of molesting her, for which he got over 40 years in prison, for crimes that never happened. For further information on Chelsea, go to, click on "stories" and then click on the photo of Joel K. Barr. I have gotten several vulgar, life threatening emails from her. She's one twisted sister!

  6. I hope you can use what info I've sent you, and I can send more if you want. I am totally on your side. Chelsea is a psychopath, no empathy and no regret. She threatened my life after she orchestrated the eventual 40+ year sentence my fiance got for crimes that never happened. Bless you and yours. Paloma

  7. I am glad to see a site is actually dedicated to the likes of Chelsea Hoffman. I dont know what it is, maybe her arrogance, and chalking everyone up to being uneducated whoever disagrees with her, but she has rubbed me the wrong way .I actually read her articles that are almost always factually incorrect on Look at the article she wrote about the three Cleveland women who were held hostage for 10 years by Ariel Castro. She claimed he bought them through sex trade. It was obvioius that she did not do any fact checking and it was very disrespetful to the victims. On the blog, all the comments were negative about her. Including myself.

  8. My main problem with this page and this effort is that it takes a completely insignificant and frankly stupid woman and makes her out to be some great pain in the ass like Bill O'Reilly, or Glenn Beck or Rush Limbaugh or Barbie Latza Nadeau or Andrea Vogt.

    Chelsea Hoffman is an ugly woman with no writing talent who uses aggressive offensiveness and controversy to attract attention to her otherwise redundant opinion. Why give her what she's seeking? She gets paid by the number of hits her stories raise. If you comment on her blog posts and others pull it up to read your witty put-down of her, CHELSEA HOFFMAN GETS PAID. Don't do it! Don't even click on her links. Believe me when I say if you don't no one else will.

    Set up a Down With George Zimmerman page or a Down With John Boehner page. I flushed something more important than Chelsea Hoffman down the toilet this morning. The good thing that can be said about those who seek attention by drawing hatred to themselves is that invariably they die of cancer at a young age. So mote it be!

  9. I've had a recently deceased family friend be dragged through the gutter before even being laid to rest by this hack self proclaimed know it all. What a sadlonely girl to mistake spewing hatred as popularity